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Jiaxing fastener enterprises Baotuan return to the European market


  WASHINGTON orders after an absence of seven years, the EU is back! These two days, standard factory Haiyan seawall sent to the EU market began shipping the first batch of fasteners. After seven years of international "tug of war", Chinese fastener enterprises Baotuan finally repelled the EU anti-dumping tax rates high, returning to the EU market.
  "We strive for this moment for seven years, hard-won victory!" As one of the active participation of the respondent's collective "hardcore business," general manager Fu Sheng seawall wave exclaimed. February 27 this year, the European Commission decided to formally cancel the Chinese steel fasteners anti-dumping measures. Bulletin was released, more than a decade of cooperation with the European seawall "junior partner" Now swing. Other Jiaxing fastener enterprises are starting to "encore" in Europe.
  "This is a protracted cross-border litigation." Jiaxing Fastener Association Secretary-General Qian Ping said that in 2009, the EU began to impose our fastener products up to 85% of anti-dumping duties, Chinese direct impact on Europe exporting nearly $ 1 billion. Involved as a major area of ??Jiaxing fastener industry suffered heavy losses. Municipal Bureau of Commerce data show that from 2008 to 2015, the city's fastener exports to the EU amount to $ 332.88 million from $ 154.28 million, down 54%; exports to the EU of the product concerned from $ 141.49 million to $ 9.85 million , 93% drop. Many companies were forced to withdraw from the EU market.
  Face unfair anti-dumping duties, Jiaxing enterprises on behalf of Chinese fastener enterprises fought back, pushing the Ministry of Commerce EU legislation and anti-dumping measures to resort to WTO dispute settlement mechanism. July 15, 2011, the WTO ruled in favor of China, asked the European Union at the end of 2012 to complete the relevant legislative amendments. Our first case of the EU in the WTO prosecution won the first battle.
  However, in the implementation of EU anti-dumping duties will only award fell to 74.1%, but nowhere near enough to fine-tune the rate, and the remaining award is not executed. October 2013, China launched the "v implementation of the" once again, and won again on January 18 this year.
  "Winning tough, but neat!" Municipal Bureau of Commerce Zhang Jiansheng believes that the win meant to the city's highest barriers erected fastener business was shattered, the door to the EU market will open again.
  "In addition to bringing substantial positive business case was also of great institutional significance." Undertake action in the case Allbright (Beijing) Law Firm Ye Li believes that the case is China's first to challenge the EU wto disputes abuse surrogate country victory and won the case. The case has shaken the European Union anti-dumping legislation China for a long time to implement, but also changes the EU anti-dumping investigation practices unjustified practices, will help Chinese enterprises in response to the EU anti-dumping investigations to improve the effectiveness of the respondent.
  "Fastener industry big but not strong, but the entire industry can actively fight, do not back down, do not give up, it's a fascinating!" Deputy Director of the Law Department of the Ministry of Commerce Mr Chen Fuli, said China and the EU anti-dumping case fastener Ministry of Commerce and local business authorities, industry associations, enterprises involved in the "four-body interaction," the Jiaxing experience, has become China's commercial department to deal with international trade friction effective experiences.


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