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From studs to look fastener industry


  Stud fastener to the development of the industry has also brought a lot of help
  While fasteners such as bolts and nuts are relatively small, but its role is difficult to replace. Now, 
the development of China's fastener industry, there are some negative factors, it is difficult to achieve the 
greatest technological breakthroughs, lack of equipment like square head bolts products manufacturing, and 
related professionals is relatively shortage, which other development head bolts created a great obstacle.
  In order to meet the challenges of a more active, square head bolts manufacturer must strive to improve 
products, increase awareness of innovation, and the talent, you can tap a number of heavily then cultured 
related personnel, only progress to work together, to make square head bolt industry have a better 
  However, I had a lot of industries have implemented regulatory measures, square head bolts industry has 
also been some impact. Future products will lag bolts toward a more pluralistic direction, so that everyone 
will be able to provide more and better choices.
  At present, China's fastener industry to accelerate the pace of adjustment, output from the one-sided 
pursuit of production, to improve quality and brand effect on the transition from the one-sided pursuit of 
large, to specialized, sophisticated, special direction of change, from production to production and services 
transformation, so that the fastener industry concentration significantly stand out. The initial formation of 
the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Bay three fastener Industries, built in Jiaxing, Ningbo, 
Wenzhou, Dongguan, Xingtai, Hebei Yongnian number of fasteners and other industrial base. These areas fastener 
enterprises accounted for more than 75% of the country, emerged as Zhejiang Jin billion Co., Ltd., Changshu, 
Jiangsu standard Factory, Shanghai Biaowu high-strength fasteners Limited, represented sales of over one 
billion yuan leading enterprises and the annual sales income of over 200 billion yuan of key enterprises. 
These enterprises with annual sales income of 350 billion yuan, accounting for more than 53% of the sales 
revenue of the whole industry enterprises above designated size has more than 4000, accounting for 85% of the 
sales revenue of the fastener, the national export volume reached ten million US dollars enterprises reached 
more than 40, accounting for more than 60% of the country's export earnings.
  According to China Machinery Industry fastener market investment analysis report, a number of high-
strength titanium alloy products will be widely used in the aerospace industry, military machinery which, in 
2010, China's top aircraft exhibition to pick up hundreds of aircraft Orders in this project above, the demand 
for fasteners is very large, according to analysts, each aircraft manufacturing requires high-strength 
fasteners almost more than 200,000, and 100 aircraft manufacturing it would have required tens of millions of 
  In addition, China is the largest producer of a mechanical fastener industry, the demand for fasteners in 
recent years has been ranked in the forefront of the world, but now China is not yet a fastener production 
power, China products still remain in the low-intensity above, for some high-strength fasteners, especially 
some kind of aerospace fasteners, which is still in the exploratory, China-made fasteners in market share 
among the occupied is still very low, so China's aerospace fastener type fastener products, the company seize 
the opportunity to take long, it is easy to upgrade quickly, this point of view, the prospects for the 
development of China's fastener industry great .


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