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Development led the entire stud fastener market


  2016 is "Thirteen five" first-year, faced with such a good opportunity for development. Currently, the domestic industry is unable to meet the stud production needs of the country's machinery and equipment industry, on the one hand the strength of raw materials can not meet the needs of high-strength fasteners, low-end, low-strength fasteners market saturtioan, and high-intensity, high-precision tight firmware long-term dependence on imports; the other hand, weak enterprise technology, equipment and personnel updates slow, can not meet the production needs of high-end, high-strength fasteners. China's high-strength fasteners in terms of quality, environmental protection and energy consumption are still in a backward state, in order to catch up with international advanced level, China's high-strength fasteners for the development and production is facing a severe test.
  To this end, high-quality steel fasteners used in the performance needed to achieve the following requirements: 1) steel fastener material used has a high elongation and reduction in plastic deformation; 2) fasteners cold plastic deformation, the steel having a small deformation resistance in the process during deformation hardening rate. In the organization need to meet the following requirements: microstructure consists of ferrite and pearlite, ferrite in which the proportion of more than 50%, the rest is pearlite; steel contained in the non-metallic inclusions, Class B and class D spherical alumina oxide level should be less than 1.5 magnitude, which contain inclusions should be less than the sum of grade 3; steel surfaces do not exist any crack defects, such as uneven folding, scarring, pitting, otherwise fasteners cold heading or heat treatment process likely to cause danger of cracking.
  Although Chinese production of large, but compared to the foreign fastener late start. Global consulting firm PAC Group survey data shows that, due to the lack of high value-added products, many developing countries have accepted the transfer of the fastener manufacturer of China's fastener industry poses a challenge in recent years will be about 250 million per year yuan fasteners Order "escape" from China, resulting in the current root of this situation is that China's fastener enterprises local enterprises lack of core technology, not light his "unique skills" to. Many low investment in science and technology enterprises, science and technology development is weak, backward technology, long lead times, lag significantly enhance the quality and increase the amount of business innovation strategy consciousness weak; lack of independent innovation capability of enterprises; enterprise innovation system construction is not perfect. In recent years, the influx of foreign domestic fastener business, while China's fastener business challenges and opportunities. Stud domestic companies need to build brand, improve quality, ensure a higher rate of qualified parts, continuous efforts towards the goal of zero defects.
  In recent years, many foreign companies have set up branch in inland China. So far, the United States, Japan, Britain, India, Germany and Hong Kong and Taiwan's fastener business, a total of more than 200 in the focus of the production of high strength, high precision fasteners, their GDP has reached domestic 25% of the fastener industry, which will promote and enhance the overall level of domestic fastener industry.
  The world market is expansive, countries in the region the United States, Europe, Japan and other industrial production big country, its limited space for development. We should look for emerging markets, the demand for fasteners, standard parts everywhere, from the plane, train, car, down to the furniture, appliances, are needed, such as Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other regions, China's fastener the factory is very small amount, we should strengthen the focus on these areas, so that our fasteners in the world this road to go farther.


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