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Fastener industry to develop Only rely on industrial upgrading


  The most talked about in the metal fasteners industry is "in transition", "upgrade", however, under the premise of the transformation and upgrading hardware fastener industry, the vast majority of Chinese fastener enterprises have to face such a situation: rising raw material prices, RMB appreciation, rising labor costs. Cost of raw materials prices led companies have to raise prices, but product prices on the premise that the promotion of technology and brand strength, which is a relatively continuous process, which fastener for small and medium enterprises, technology upgrading the is a bottleneck, they need to be very difficult in the past.
  Metal fasteners industry
  Urgent need to cast off the "low end" label
  Recalling the past development process metal fasteners industry, not difficult to find the inevitable saturation of products whenever the market appears strong sales. China's fastener production accounts for a quarter of global production, but most of the low-intensity, low-end products, including 8.8 below the standard about 45% -50%, in raw material prices environment, low standard of overcapacity has become a stumbling block to the development of the fastener industry.
  Excess capacity, resulting in a lot of inventory backlog of business operations funding constraints, companies want to costs into profits have another way to increase investment in technology, and with good technical skills to develop a broad market resources.
  We should look to the future, "iron", "aerospace," "Highway", "airport" and other national key construction projects are as close to high-end enterprise provides an opportunity, the next 20 Boeing plans to add 3,400 aircraft, the National Development and Reform Commission to invest 800 billion yuan construction of six urban rail transportation, according to the plan 36 planned construction of urban rail transit projects in the city, 2020, new urban rail transportation mileage will reach 6560 km, the track fastener demand of 55-70 million yuan. These large-scale projects will greatly enhance the demand for high-end fastener high strength fasteners, titanium alloy, cast off the "low end" label not impossible!
  Throughout the industry, metal fasteners manufacturing industry chain, the impact of fluctuations in raw material prices is understandable as the downstream metal fasteners industry, but it is not that nothing metal fasteners industry's future development should be a fundamental solution to the problem, how to solve the transitional capacity low-end products? how to grasp the opportunity to purchase raw materials to achieve low cost production? how to reduce production costs, save resources? these are metal fasteners industry companies should face the problem. Raw material "is rising" passive enterprises will be shuffling, to survive, we must take the initiative to develop their own way, Lianhaoneigong respond to market changes!
  Control production costs, save resources
  Metal fasteners in steel materials industry has been mainly due to intense market competition, quality and cost has become the main means of fastener business competition.
  Metal fasteners industry to reduce costs mainly adopt two methods: 1, to reduce the content of alloying elements or the use of other low-cost alloying elements as a reinforcing material; 2, to reduce the manufacturing cost of fasteners, such as bolts to reduce the production process and heat treatment process unmodulated steel used for improving mechanical nut processing capacity using cutting steel. China's automotive industry and the introduction of technology for cold heading steel application of new materials has played a catalytic role in some of the major high-strength fasteners appropriate use of foreign material standards, Luo Baihui that save resources to achieve this goal, accelerate special bolt special steel R & D in the next 3 - 5 years of attention. This is also tight in the prices of raw materials prices skyrocketing trend of development of the situation.
  Metal fasteners industry always pay attention to grasp the opportunity to purchase
  For metal fasteners industry production enterprises, all finished products are inseparable from the iron ore, wire and other bulk purchase of raw materials, raw material prices drove up too fast and too, so that the downstream demand has been difficult to follow, the late ore prices a major correction may be difficult to avoid price fluctuation of raw materials to China fastener enterprises procurement costs have a decisive role in relatively low active procurement of raw materials for future mass production to reduce costs do preparatory work. It is possible to focus on fluctuations in raw material prices and a low cost to buy one is a metal fastener industry decision makers the conditions for success.


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